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The Law of Segregation  The law states that during a crossing experiment, the dominant and recessive characteristics separate so each crossbreed receives a part of alleles.
Same as before, let’s think about the Law of Segregation when Iromi’s dominant gene is A and Shiwao’s recessive gene is a.

Can you find the answer?

This is a cross of the genes Aa, which were produced by Iromi and Shiwao.


From this combination, the genetic type of child appears AA, Aa and aa in ratio of 1 to 2 to 1. A gene A is dominant to a gene a, so shape of a pea with gene AA and a pea with gene Aa is round, and a pea with gene aa is wrinkled.
And the ratio of round-shaped peas to wrinkled peas is 3 to 1.

A pea's genes are divided into two characteristics, dominant nature and recessive!

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