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We thought that we wanted everyone to understand heredity, so we developed this site.  We thought that many people don’t know about heredity and that genetic modification is possible by science, so this is a problem.  Are you thinking that heredity is difficult or assuring that it has no relation to you?  When we made this site, we focused on having you acquire the knowledge in a fun way, because we wanted to change the way people think of genetics.  Therefore, we did this by making unique characters appear, using many illustrations and so on.  We realized it needed to be where people aged from children to adults would be able to learn without getting tired.
In addition, you can learn on this site about creatures which are mostly guppies.  A guppy is known as a very popular tropical fish.  So we thought then you might be interested in heredity. And, we put a lot of information about the origin of its name to different types of guppies, and the breeding method of guppies.  We think people who feel it is difficult to learn about heredity should first become interested in an animal.  We want you to not worry about heredity but instead become interested in heredity, and we want to get everybody realize that this won’t be a problem if you are interested in the information.

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