Dear Geneticist



I know about the tiny flowers which is called four-o’clock flower! They are blooming near my house too.

That's right! How cute the flowers are same as me!


Marvel-of-Peru department

A scientific name: Mirabilis jalapa

The flower (it's called calyxes to be in exact) of the marvel-of-Peru comes in various colors. Some are two kinds of colors and others are colors resulting from two colors mixed on one flower.

whitepink and yellow

Also, their color is decided by heredity.
However, the marvel-of-Peru does not completely obey the law of dominance because it is only semidominant. Here it is an exception to Mendel's laws.


For example) If the red flower’s gene call R and the white flower’s gene call W.

So, in this case, the color is any one of red, pink or white.
In this way, the color of the flower is decided.

To become the semidominant is only a part of the marvel-of-Peru.

I see!! There are many things that relate to heredity in our regular life, right!?

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