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The Origin of the Guppy
The guppy’s appearance is beautiful and the name is pretty.

Dr. Guppy
Thank you for the compliment. But, I also have a scientific name, Poecilia reticulata.

Oh, it is difficult and it doesn’t include the word “guppy.” Why?

Dr. Guppy
I will tell you why we were named “guppy” and
I will explain the progress we've made from being discovered to being given that scientific name.

The history of the guppy’s name

Around 1848 Rebisutesu Poekiroidesu
Around 1850 Di Nardi Taunus guppy
Around 1859 Poekiria reticulata
1913 Rebisutesu reticulata

In the end, Poekiria reticulata

The guppy was discovered by three scientists. The first person was De Philip who was from Spain, and he named it guppy Rebisutesu Poekiroidesu.
The second was Rekumea Guppy, who was a botanist in Britain. At the time, the guppy was named the Di Nardi Taunus guppy after him.
The final was Hell Peteruzu, who was an ichthyologist from Germany, and he named it Poekiria reticulata.
After that, Regan, who was from Britain, gave it the name, Rebisutesu reticulata. But Rebisutesu genus was incorporated into Poekiria genus, so the scientific name became Poekiria reticulata.

Dr. Guppy
The name “guppy” was named after the second person who discovered the guppy.

Now I see.

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