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About Mendel
Dr. Merdel
Sen. Do you know Mendel?

I know. He is the man who discovered Mendel’s laws, isn’t he?

Dr. Merdel
Yes, great. But he wasn’t a botanist at first.

That's interesting, but how could he find them?

Dr. Merdel
OK. It's a long story so I will explain Mendel’s life.


Gregor Johann Mendel

a priest and a botanist in Austria

Aug 20, 1822 He was born in the Austrian Empire(now the Czech Republic)
into a farming family.
  He studied at the University of Olmutz.
1843 He joined the Order of Saint Augustine.
1847 He became a priest.
1850 He took the exam to become a teacher, but he failed.
  He studied abroad at the University of Vienna.
  He did breeding experiments on peas.
He pressed the thesis.

He presented his paper Versuche über Pflanzen-Hybriden (Experiments on Plant Hybridigation) Brunn Nature Study Group.
This article first demonstrated Mendel’s laws. Today it is a very famous law, but it wasn’t paid attention by people in those days.
Therefore, he said to his circle “you will know that my theory is right sometime, wait and see. ”

1868 He stopped the breeding experiment, and
was elected as the director of St. Thomas Monastery director.

He was fought against the governments attempt to tax
religious institutions.

January 6, 1884
He passed away.

He was occupied and busy arguing against the government.
He gradually became distrustful of other people. In his old age he was infected with a disease.
In his last moments, he passed away alone.

His thesis was re-discovered.

Three men, Hugo de Vries, Erich von Cherumaku and Carl Erich Correns found out Mendel’s laws.
They brought them back to public attention.

While Mendel was alive, the paper was not accepted, and he died alone, he may have lived a poor life.

Dr. Merdel
But to have been selected to the director, and had become famous as a meteorologist,
he may have had a life that was unexpectedly fulfilling.

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