Dear Geneticist



Dr. Guppy
Let's learn how to breed a guppy.

Can a beautiful guppy be made?

Example ① If a bluegrass and a bluegrass are crossbred…

Let’s assume that R is a gene showing red color development, r is a gene not showing red color development.


Bluegrass has Rr. And when a pair of bluegrass are crossbred, there is a possibility of the offspring having rr, RR or Rr when they are born. Because these are incomplete dominant, the offspring having rr becomes blue, the one having RR becomes red grass, the one having Rr becomes bluegrass.

Example ② if an albino grass and a red grass are crossbred…

Let’s assume that A is a gene of albino, G is a gene of type of gray.


Albino grass has AA, and red grass has GG.
Therefore when an albino grass and a red grass are crossbred, the offspring will have AG.
It obeys the law of dominance, and because the gene of the albino is recessive, all of them become the gray kind that is dominant.

Dr. Guppy
In this way, the guppy inherits genes.

I did not know that a red guppy could give birth to a blue guppy. Guppy experiments are interesting!

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