Dear Geneticist


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Members The leader : Ikayaki no Mikoto Sen and Chihiro Hekoayu Ms. Hydrogen Fluoride Nessie
Area Making Flash Making the Picture Character Design Writing the text
Making the web site
Making the Pictures
Writing the text
Web design
Writing the text
Making the Pictures
Belong to Science Club Creature Group Science Club Creature Group Science Club Creature Group Engineering Club Science Club Creature Group
Recent trouble The smartphone battery being half–dead. My young sister is a god of destruction. The number of guppies in my home won’t increase. An animation on You□ube stopped. I want to get along with my teacher.
Favorite color Green Black Light Blue Blue Yellow
Motto Retribution Loneliness Communing with nature Being lucky or unlucky will depend on God's will. Let us believe and trust God to give us a lucky life. Deal with every situation flexibly
Impression I was able to complete our site because my friends and teachers have been helpful. Thank you for our youth. I am confident of doing my best creating pictures. I like to write things. So I enjoyed making this. I was happy to use word software. I was so serious that various things occurred. I think guppies are pretty. I love guppies. Guppies forever. I could remember some English words from using CSS. I think they are useful for me. It was difficult for me to write things about hereditary law and use the illustrator software.
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