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Guppy Diseases

If a fish catches a disease, we can’t notice it in most cases, can we? Can’t you work it out somehow?

Dr. Guppy
If you expand your knowledge about guppy diseases, you will be able to.

If you don’t take proper care of a guppy, it will catch a disease. You have to be careful of the water quality and water temperature. Also, when guppies catch a disease, it is important to find and treat the guppy’s disease as soon as possile. If movement and swimming is unnatural or appears unusual, the guppy may have caught a disease. So you should treat it immediately.
However, do the right treatment ,or the guppy’s disease won't be cured. Next, we will explain the diseases that guppies catch easily and their cures of for them.

  • Fin and tail rot
  • This disease makes the tail fin a yellow-white color, it becomes adhesive to things and it becomes sore. At worst, the fin will fall off. The cause of this disease is being a bacteria called columnaris which comes from a wound. If the guppy is put in a medicine bath, the symptoms will get better. Also, you can use salt water.

    Fin and tail rot

  • Water mold disease (Mouse fan gas disease, Cotton head disease)
  • The guppy’s body turns white from water mold, which spreads and makes that guppy’s skin unhealthy. A fungus from the water mold family grows the wound on the guppy’s body and makes it sick. If the guppy is put in a medicine bath right awat, for a few days, the guppy’s symptoms will improve.

    Water mold disease

  • Pin cone disease
  • This disease makes the guppy’s scales stand on end and its body will expand like a cone. If the disease gets worse, swimming will become hard. Finally all of the guppy's scales will fall off and the guppy will die. If guppy is put in a medicine bath, the symptoms will get better. Also in a slight case of the disease, the symptoms will get better by adding salt water or changing the guppy's water.

    Pin cone disease

    If a guppy catches a disease, it should definitely take a medicine bath.

    Dr. Guppy
    That is true but if you keep your guppy carefully from the beginning, it won't catch a disease.

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